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The Balanced Seed (Dinner Biscuits)

$25/12 oz

$32/16 oz

$90/48 oz

$115/64 oz

4 Large Biscuits / 1 Cup of Small Biscuits = 2.5 OZ

We make our signature product, The Balanced Seed, fresh each week, in small batches, using just 6 whole, organic, locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. 50% of the recipe is a mixture of veggie-and-seed-proteins, including kale, carrots, yams, chia, and flax; the other 50% comes from 1 humanely pasture-raised animal protein.

Boasting between 30-40% protein, The B-Seed brings the same protein as an all-meat grain-free product, but with only 25% of the saturated fat and 60% of the calories.  Our unique blend of veggie-and-seed-proteins also brings 10+ essential vitamins & minerals; all 3 omegas; 20+ amino acids; and a healthy dose of fiber (~10%) to the table.

Our ingredients come to us fresh each week from local producers just a few hours' drive from here.  We raw-dehydrate them at the peak of freshness, and preserve our end-products with essential rosemary oil (the most effective preservative for meat).    If you store them in a cool, dry place, The B-Seed will last as long as you are able to keep your pup from gobbling it all up!!!

We carry 7 delicious flavors – beef, chicken, goat, goat cheese, lamb, pork, and turkey. What a great way to keep your fur baby’s dinner exciting, fulfilling, and nutritionally balanced every night of the week!

Voilà, La Pêt-isserie, your private doggy-chef, is here!

Download our general feeding guidelines here!

Download our general feeding guidelines here!

Free weekly deliveries in Bergen County! Please email orders@lapet-isserie to schedule delivery dates and times :)

Tri-State Area Shipping As Follows:
< 16 oz = $3.00
16 oz < x > 48 oz = $4.00
48 oz < x > 64 oz = $5.00

All packages sent via USPS. Shipping cost for all other states and countries is calculated by zip code!

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