The dogs have loved it! We put the powders in their food and they ate all their food in one sitting (not always the case) their favorite of the treats was the pig ears!! 



“Derry loves the treats! Her tail wags with extra vigor as we reach for the glass mason jars filled with nutritious goodies. With La Pet-issetie, we know the ingredients are healthy and sourced with care. Only the best for our senior pup - nearly 14 and going strong! We <3 La Pet-isserie!"

-Kathleen and Derry 


There is an overwhelming number of options out there, but it’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to pet food. La Pet-isserie makes pet food the way I would if I could - with natural ingredients I know I can trust, that are healthy for my dog, and at a price I can afford!

Hands down the best dog treats ever!  Don’t trust me, trust my dog - he knows the difference.

-Christine, Christian, and Mason 


"Our dog absolutely loves the La Petissiere treats! We love knowing that all of the ingredients are listed, they're freshly made, and healthy for our furry family member. It's high quality treats and dog supplements you can't find anywhere online! Highly recommend everything, including the canine currency, cuisine, dried bones!" 

-Kevin, Gloria, and Brady 


"We give Chincho treats sparingly as he has a sensitive tummy but he has not thrown up once from the treats when we've given them to him. He is set for life!"

-Phyllis, Karl, and Chincho  


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