What’s inside The Balanced Seed?

50% Animal Based | 50% Plant Based

¼ of the saturated fat compared to other leading brands!

Our base recipe consists of kale, carrots, sweet potato, Chia seed, flax, and essential rosemary oil, which is a natural preservative. Pick your protein based on your fur baby’s preference, and voila, a delicious and healthy addition to your pet’s dinner. It also serves as a delectable treat!

The Balanced Seed does contain:

Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, humanely-farmed animal proteins

Non-GMO veggies and seeds

10 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

All 3 Omegas

20+ Amino Acids and Fatty Acids

10%+ Fiber

The Balanced Seed does NOT contain:




All ingredients are sourced from the Hudson Valley.
Please see Our Farmers to see which farms we work with!

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