Introducing Candied Apples! We dip fresh organic NY Apples into some locally pasture-raised beef liver, and voila! A new decadent, but a wildly healthy treat for your fur baby!

The liver brings nearly 30% protein to the table while the apple contributes a whopping 16% fiber.  Between the two of them, your doggies also will get loads of Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, and other goodies in support of their immune systems.  Just two simple ingredients, but tons of health benefits. Woot woot! Woof woof! 

Free weekly deliveries in Bergen County! Please email info@lapet-isserie to schedule delivery dates and times :)

Tri-State Area Shipping As Follows:
< 16 oz = $3.00
16 oz < x > 48 oz = $4.00
48 oz < x > 64 oz = $5.00

All packages sent via USPS. Shipping cost for all other states and countries is calculated by zip code!

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