COMING SOON Les Petits Pates

Les Petits Pates come in five different flavors – beef, goat, lamb, pork, and turkey. These special patties are made of 100% meat and no nonsense ingredients! 

Voilà, La Pêt-isserie, your private doggy-chef, is here! Our Les Petits Pates are a great source of protein to add to your pet's diet. Even the pickiest of pups (like my Nigel) can’t resist their fresh & natural goodness. Using the simplest of ingredients, Les Petits Pates are a great choice as there are no hidden allergens or ingredients.

Oh là,là! What’s not to love? promise your dog would be telling you, “Oui, oui, je les adores! Plus, plus, s’il vous pla𝚤̂t!,” if you were able to understand doggy-French

Free weekly deliveries in Bergen County! Please email orders@lapet-isserie to schedule delivery dates and times :)

Tri-State Area Shipping As Follows:
< 16 oz = $3.00
16 oz < x > 48 oz = $4.00
48 oz < x > 64 oz = $5.00

All packages sent via USPS. Shipping cost for all other states and countries is calculated by zip code!

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