LES TROIS PETITS COCHONS (The 3 Little Piggies): Ears, Feet & Tails

Our raw-dehydrated ears, feet, and tails come from the same local, pasture-fed, humanely raised piggies that go into our signature product The Balanced Seed.  These cartilage-and-collagen-rich parts of the animal represent another vital food group in any well-balanced doggy meal!

Cartilage and collagen support joints, ligaments, tendons, eyes, fur, skin, etc.  They also coat the stomach against acidity and inflammation, thereby boosting immune system function in the long-term.  Lastly, cartilage provides a safe means of cleaning teeth, absent the risk of chipping associated with harder bones.

Most producers throw these parts of the animal away otherwise – a sad waste of life : ( Using tail-to-snout respects the whole animal and all the goodness it provides!

Free weekly deliveries in Bergen County! Please email info@lapet-isserie to schedule delivery dates and times :)

Tri-State Area Shipping As Follows:
< 16 oz = $3.00
16 oz < x > 48 oz = $4.00
48 oz < x > 64 oz = $5.00

All packages sent via USPS. Shipping cost for all other states and countries is calculated by zip code!

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