Our signature product, The Balanced Seed, comes in the convenient "small nugget" size.

For owners with young dogs in training or older dogs working towards specific behavioral goals, I highly recommend using The B Seed as the special, high reward treat that it is. You’ll find it has an “I’ll-do-anything-for-that” effect – even the pickiest of dogs (like my Nigel) can’t resist its natural goodness! If you diligently reserve The B Seed for training only, and are consistently prepared with it when training your pup, you will see vastly different results. It’s like dog-money in your pocket!

The Training Treat size also works great as a kibble booster. (Nigel is almost 100-lbs, so mixing it into his favorite brand of grain-free raw dehydrated kibble is an economical choice.) The B Seed is so nutrient packed that as little as 1 oz/day still gives the average 30-45 lb dog a meaningful dose of the essential vitamins and minerals, Omegas 3/6/9, 20+ amino acids, and ~10% fiber contained in all 7 of our great flavors. Woot woot! WOOF WOOF!

Download our general feeding guidelines here!

Free weekly deliveries in Bergen County! Please email info@lapet-isserie to schedule delivery dates and times :)

Tri-State Area Shipping As Follows:
< 16 oz = $3.00
16 oz < x > 48 oz = $4.00
48 oz < x > 64 oz = $5.00

All packages sent via USPS. Shipping cost for all other states and countries is calculated by zip code!

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