Our signature product, The Balanced Seed, comes in the convenient "small nugget" size. For owners with young dogs in training or older dogs working towards specific behavioral goals, I highly recommend using The B Seed as the special, high reward treat that it is. You’ll find it has an “I’ll-do-anything-for-that” effect...

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Candied Apples
Introducing Candied Apples! We dip fresh organic NY Apples into some locally pasture-raised beef liver, and voila! A new decadent, but a wildly healthy treat for your fur baby! The liver brings nearly 30% protein to the table while the apple contributes a whopping 16% fiber.  Between the two of...

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LES TROIS PETITS COCHONS (The 3 Little Piggies): Ears, Feet & Tails
Our raw-dehydrated ears, feet, and tails come from the same local, pasture-fed, humanely raised piggies that go into our signature product The Balanced Seed.  These cartilage-and-collagen-rich parts of the animal represent another vital food group in any well-balanced doggy meal! Cartilage and collagen support joints, ligaments, tendons, eyes, fur, skin, etc. ...

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Previously known as Les Roulettes, Lamb Yams consist of organic sweet potatoes, dip them in beef liver, coat with our signature veggie-and-seed-protein mix (a blend of kale, carrots, yams, chia, and flax), roll them up with an ounce of meat per piece, and then raw-dehydrate with a little rosemary oil. Voilà,...

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Candied Yams

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