La Pet-isserie is proud to work with high school interns from The Leonia Academy through their Marketing and Business Leadership program (MBLA) as well as their Hospitality and Culinary Arts program (LAHCA), along with Bergen County Technical Schools. La Pet-isserie founder Jennifer Kang strongly believes in giving back to the community and empowering young adults to pursue their dreams by providing them with real-life business experience.
Bergen County Technical Schools
Bergen County Technical Schools is an association of four high school campuses - Teterboro, Paramus, Bergen County Academies, and Applied Technology High School. Applied Technology High School is a four year magnet high school located on the Paramus campus of Bergen Community College. Students learn how to apply their knowledge of math, science, and technology towards engineering. Coursework involves dual enrollment classes taken at Bergen Community College, where the ability to earn an Associate's Degree is possible.
      ATHS Engineer Interns
      Class of 2021
      Brandon Bigelow
Brandon is a senior at Applied Technology High School, he is from Ridgefield Park. Well known on social media for his jiu jitsu attributes, he takes care of our social media. Brandon desires to encounter new experiences in a business setting and take a peek into the world of owning a business. Hobbies include teaching his kids jiu jitsu class, training, and competing across the nation. 
    Louis Grieco
Louis is senior from Applied Technology Highschool interning at La Pet-isserie. He is an aspiring programmer looking to learn about how technology and business interacts to help better his understanding in both aspects. Louis' hobbies nclude programing and playing video games, going paintballing, and building computers.
    Reilly Haner
Reilley is currently a senior at Applied Technology High School and one of the interns at La Pet-isserie. She enjoys crocheting, watching movies and hiking, whether that's with friends, family or her dog, Lola. At La Pet-isserie she hopes to gain more experience with social media branding and marketing.
    Edwin Lebron
Edwin is a current senior at Applied Technology High School interning at La Pet-isserie. He is majoring in Mechanical engineering and wants to pursue that for his career in the future. During this internship, he wants to learn more about business and how it works in the real world. Also, he wants to learn more about the process of maintaining a business and what you need to keep it running. His hobbies are working out, hang out with friends, and playing baseball or basketball.
    Zach Strohmeyer
Zach is currently a senior from Applied Technology Highschool, currently interning at La Pet-isserie. During his free time he likes to workout, listen to music, and talk to friends. He is looking forward to learn more about business and the work enviormtny. From Interning at La Pet-isserie, he hopes to focus on growing and pursue a career in business one day.
      Class of 2019
    Justin Agustin
Justin is one of the seniors from Applied Technology High School interning at La Pet-isserie. During the internship, he desires to learn more about computer engineering, software engineering, and how technology influences a business overall. His hobbies consist of working out, playing soccer, and playing video games, and his favorite soccer team is Borussia Dortmund.
    Carolina Gonzales
Carolina is currently a senior at Applied Technology High School. She takes part in her school's student council, student newspaper, and environmental club. Aside from schooling and extracurriculars. During her free time, she enjoys scrap-booking, watching documentaries, and walk her three year old Shichon, Jasper. Through her time at La Pet-isserie, she hopes to learn about how a crucial social media presence is for a business.   
    Evelina Lulati
Evelina is an intern at La Pet-isserie. She is a senior at Applied Technology High School and participates in many extracurriculars. Her hobbies are cooking, drawing, and listening to music. Her favorite sport to watch is soccer and her favorite team is Juventus, She works in the shop ensuring products are packaged and accounted for, and listed in inventory. She also works on our online website and sometimes sells at the markets.
      BCTS - Teterboro Interns
Class of 2019
      Michelle Chiang
Michelle is one of our high school interns here at La Pet-isserie. She is currently a senior in high school at the Bergen County Technical High Schools - Teterboro campus. She plans to major in business and marketing in college. During her free time, she loves painting, listening to music , and playing the piano. 
The Leonia Academy for Marketing and Business Leadership directs students towards fulfilling their passions in business. The rigorous program offers marketing, accounting, and economic studies. With the membership of a business-class, students are also able to participate in a national club called DECA. DECA builds an individual’s ability to problem solve and to think creatively in business settings. Ms. Gianfredi, the advisor of the MBLA, has worked at Leonia High School for over thirty years. She aids the program through overlooking all activities and guiding the students.
MBLA Marketing Interns
Class of 2019
Sabrina Jeon
Sabrina is one of three marketing coordinators at La Pet-isserie. Currently in her junior year, Sabrina is also a varsity volleyball and golf player. Her hobbies include drawing and listening to music. Sabrina loves puppies and cannot wait to have her own one day!
Jijung Lim
Jijung is also a junior at The Leonia Academy. In addition to her studies and internship with La Pet-isserie, Jijung is co-president of the Girls Up Club, a United Nations organization aimed towards empowering and educating girls all over the world. In her free time, Jijung enjoys reading and binge-watching TV shows. She strongly believes in La Pet-isserie’s focus on environmental sustainability, and she hopes to pursue a career in business one day.
Molly Lawrence
Molly is a junior at The Leonia Academy. She is also a four year varsity soccer player as well as member of the student senate. In addition to her extracurriculars and internship, Molly loves to take Blue, her cocker spaniel, on walks in her free time. Her other interests include fashion and food.
The Leonia Academy for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, established in 2013, enables interested students to discover, develop and grow in their areas of interest. Senior LAHCA members must complete a Friday externship. Those who extern enjoy the opportunity to learn about culinary and hospitality businesses. Along the way, many students discover unforeseen talents. Ms. Gabrielsen, LAHCA’s advocate, fosters skills and guides every student through the program. The above picture shows a recent field trip to El Parador Café, NYC.
LAHCA Interns
Class of 2018
Maria Serna
Maria is one of La Pet-isserie’s first team members and Jennifer’s right-hand woman. Maria was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States seven years ago. She can often be found in the kitchen chopping and preparing ingredients for La Pet-isserie, La Pet-isserie’s most popular product. Pictured above is Maria crossing state lines for the first time with Jen!
John-na Watson
John-na is in the Leonia Hospitality and Culinary Arts Academy. With the help and motivation from Jennifer she has been taught many valuable lessons and she wants to continue to use that information to open up her own business called “Jae’s Cakes”. When she’s not making mixtures in the kitchen, she is at home baking beautiful cupcakes and cakes. After senior year, John-na would like to pursue a career in the art of baking and pastries.
Gabi Morales
Gabi is another crucial member of La Pet-isserie’s team. LAHCA’s internship program gives Gabi the opportunity to learn from Jennifer and help make La Pet-isserie by hand alongside Maria. In her free time, she also loves baking. Gabi hopes to own her own business one day!
Paris Dudley
Paris Dudley, is another LAHCA member. She is interested in nutrition and wanted to increase her knowledge on how humans (even furry friends) are affected by different foods. She loves “La Pet-isserie” because she gets to study how different the different ingredients affect dogs and cats.
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