Hepworth Farms

Hepworth Farms, owned by Amy Hepworth, is a family farm passed through seven generations. It was established in 1818 in Milton, New York, and is currently operated by Amy, Gail Hepworth, and Gerry Greco. Hepworth farms is certified organic by NOFA-NY -- the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York.

Black Horse Farms

In addition to their gourmet country market located in Athens, New York, Black Horse Farms has a lot going on behind-the-scenes. Their produce is grown on 800 acres of family farm in the Hudson Valley, and in their home farm in Coxsackie, they also have forty-two greenhouses in which all their plants are grown. Black Horse is owned by Chellie Apa and Lisa Buhrmaster.

Hudson Valley Harvest

Hudson Valley Harvest gathers product from over fifty farms in the Hudson Valley and distributes to their customers, in the form of restaurants, grocery stores, markets. The motivation for HVH is increased accessibility to locally grown food. HVH also values transparency: the labels on their products depict which farm the food item came from, how far it traveled, and what was done to the product, so the consumer knows exactly what they are receiving. The beef from HVH is pasture-raised, did not come from any sort of feedlot, and they were not treated with preventative antibiotics or appetite stimulants.

Kinderhook Farm

Kinderhook Farm focuses on treating their animals right. The farm covers over 1,000 acres, and their animals live and graze in those pastures. Their cattle and sheep are not fed any grain, antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products, but instead live off a grass and legume diet. Kinderhook encourages visits to the farm, and they even offer lodging in their FarmStay barn. Kinderhook is animal welfare approved and is located in Ghent, New York.

Scooter the Calf and Sophie the Sheep - friends on Kinderhook Farm! Their friendship inspired a book: “Scooter and Sophie: a True Story” by Amy DeWeerd and Breanna Berger-Tzabar


Dashing Star Farms

At Dashing Star Farm, we are proud to operate in a humane, sustainable manner. Our livestock are free-ranged on rotated pastures and fed locally grown forages and whole grains. Our yarns, wool, and sheepskins are naturally processed in MI and WI. Our lamb is USDA inspected and our eggs are Grade AA. All value-added products are made one-by-one at a time.

Pigasso Farms

Pigasso Farms is owned and operated by Rob & Heather Kitchen. After 3 years of watching their business grow, they realized that there was a market for fresh, pasture raised meats and Pigasso Farms, LLC was formed in 2005. Farming is a passion for both Heather and & Rob, and their goal was simple; to provide top quality meat to their customers.

CSA Lewis Waite Farms

CSA Lewis Waite Farms is your one-stop source for local farm fresh, all natural, artisinal, and organic products from over 50 small farms and producers. They believe that customers should know where their food comes from as well as what goes into it. which is why they get as close to the source as they can.

Wrong Direction Farm

As a result of research initiated by their concern for their food allergic children, the owners of Wrong Direction Farms began to remember the importance of growing their own food, caring for their soil, supporting their community and producing for ourselves.

Twin Brooks Farm

Our mission at Twin Brooks Farm is to build a simple but functional small-scale farm that offers great products to local consumers at a fair price. Our chickens are free-range birds that enjoy lots of fresh air, pasture, and organic feed to ensure a nutrient rich product for you to enjoy, as well as our cows and pigs.

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