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If You Are Diligent about Reserving them Just for Training & also Are Consistently Prepared with them for Training, then these Little Nuggets of Goodness Will Become Dog-$ in Your Pocket! N.Y. Pasture-Raised Ground Meat Comprises 2/3 of the Recipe. Our Signature Blend of Local, Organic, Super-Plant-Proteins (Chia, Flax, Carrots, Kale & Yams) Balances that with Essential Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals. In Particular, Chia + Flax Adds a “Golden” (2:1:1) Ratio of Omegas 3:6:9 plus 3 Branched-Chain Amino Acids that Can Heal Old Injuries & Prevent New Ones when Eaten Regularly. Most Importantly, Dogs Go Totally Bananas for these! The Perfect High Reward Treats to Expedite & Improve your Training Results! Très Bien! When Used Consistently, These Nuggets of Goodness Expedite Training Results. They Are Like Dog-$ in Your Pocket! Also Works Great as a Meal-Topper!

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