I graduated from Fordham Law in 2012 with honors; a prestigious federal clerkship; plans to pursue a Ph.D in economics; and unfortunately every back/joint/nerve ailment known to man. By my early 30s, I had Carpal Tunnel, TMJ, and Sciatica on both sides of my body, along with 4 herniations in my spine.
Doctors told me they could get me back to work in no time!  It just required cutting my back open and prescribing me mild opiates for the rest of my life.
I decided instead to take some time off to regroup, and in the process, I adopted a puppy named Nigel. Nigel was in rough shape when we first met. He had been duct-taped shut into a cardboard box and left in the snow to die. He was terrified of everything. Due to suffering perpetual parasites during his 6 months in the shelter system, Nigel was about 30% underweight. His coat was gray, ratty, and falling out. We were quite the pair!
I began heavily researching holistic methods of healing for my various (Fibromyalgia-induced) ailments. I learned that incorporating raw protein-rich veggies and seeds offered alkalinity which balances acidity which thereby reduces inflammation in the body. Additionally, I learned that the specific combination of chia and flax brought:
  • a particular “golden ratio” of omegas 3/6/9 (2:1:1); and
  • a “special super-branched chain amino acid trio” (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) which provide bodies with the necessary materials to create new cells (i.e., heal damaged tissue).
  • Simultaneously, I began heavily researching dog nutrition and at-home cooking for my new dog-son, Nigel. I learned that U.S. pet food was wholly unregulated; that 93% of pet food in America (despite thousands of seemingly different packaged brands) belonged to three candy companies: Nestle, Smuckers, and Mars; and that producers regularly used euthanized zoo and shelter animals, roadkill, fryer grease, and bacterially-contaminated meat from farms in places like China. I also learned that “in the wild” dogs do in fact eat certain amounts of nutrient and fiber-rich plants, nuts and seeds. (Blue Buffalo is newly-owned by General Mills, by the way).
    By contrast, our ingredients are sourced locally, organically, and responsibly from small humane producers whose farms are close enough for you to visit in person to see for yourself! Our products also include substantial amounts of plant protein, providing the well-balanced nutrient content that your fur-baby’s immune system craves!
    The 10+ essential vitamins and minerals, 20+ amino acids, omegas 3/6/9, and high fiber contained in our signature veggie-and-seed mixture helped save not only my life but Nigel’s too. He is now a strapping 90-lbs, and his newfound muscle tone, strong teeth, and beautiful shiny coat model all the benefits of well-balanced pet nutrition!

    Jennifer S. Kang
    C.E.O., La Pet-isserie LLC

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