Per Unit


SMALL (1 cup/5.1 oz) = $5.50

MEDIUM (2 cups/10.2 oz) = $10.00

LARGE (4 cups/20.4 oz) = $18.00

This Soothing Blend also Provides Plenty of Pectin & Soluble Fiber, which Help Keep Tummies Stable.

Perfect Poopy Powder, to the Rescue!

Mix w/Probiotic Dairy for a Simple Snack, or Channel Your Inner Doggy Chef & Try Our Stovetop Recipe, Provided Below.

Place 1 lbs Ground Meat + ½ Cup H20 over Medium-High Heat for 3-4 Minutes. Break the Meat Up as It Browns; Stir-In 1 Cup of Dry Mix; Remove from Heat; Put Lid On & Cool to Desired Temp (about 10 mins).

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